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When only the best will do

DEUTSCH for the games room by Interior Design

S. McGoldrick

Frankfurt, Germany.

Supplied and installed 9ft Executive Table in Dark Oak with Black Cloth.

Krazy Spoon Snooker Club

Kissonerga, Cyprus.

Supplied and installed 8 full size Willerby Snooker Tables.

F. Johnson

Northern Ireland.

Supplied and installed full size Statesman Snooker Table.

T. Foord

Munich, Germany.

Supplied full size Riding Snooker Table.

Clee Bowls Club


Recovering and maintenance on 3 tables.

Nidd Hall Hotel


Supplied table for exhibition evening with Dennis Taylor.

Neo’s Sports Club

Paegia, Cyprus.

3 full size Statesman snooker tables in mahogany.

D. Skayman


Supplied and installed 10ft Riding Snooker Table.


Preston, Hull.

Supplied and installed 9ft Willerby Snooker Table.

T. Wood


Supplied and installed  Statesman Snooker Table.


North Sea Gas Rigs.

2 tables recovering and maintenance.

Preston Snooker Club


Recovering , new cushion rails and pockets.

Southcliffe Recreation Club


Recovering and maintenance.

Grimsby Auditorium

Supplied table on two occasions for exhibition evenings with Jimmy White.

Larne Golf Club

Northern Ireland.

Full Table Refurbishment.


Easington Terminal.

Recovering service.

Hornsea Golf Club

Table recovering and maintenance.

Far Grange Park


Table recovering and maintenance.

Home Guard Club


Table recovering and maintenance.

Cottingham  Memorial Club


Recovering and maintenance on 5 tables.

Board Inn


Table recovering and maintenance.

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